DKNY over knee boots

 What is hiding in there?

My new (and the last, I hope) treasure from sales!

I resisted for a long time but finally I said "yes" to the over knees boots.



 I wore them today and I am very pleased: they are extremely comfortable and keep me warm at the same time. I couldn't ask for more. 


 I really don't mind spending money on shoes. Actually, I prefer spending on shoes rather than on clothes. Because I stand on my shoes the whole day. My sensitive spine and my whole body  stands and depends on them. So, I am very happy with my new treasure!



tonia fashion tour said...

poly wraia agora!!!!
kai sou pane polyy!!!!
kai egw otan einai gia pappoutsia den skeftomai ta lefta!!!!


cbsg5861 said...

Με γεια, καλοφόρετες!!!

lovelyviolet5 said...

αψογες!!!!καλοφορετες βρε!!

anastasia said...


Marie said...

we have the same thinking when it comes to shoes, they are so much worth the money than clothes!

nice boots, by the way. ;D
...and anything girly under the sun!

tris1978ton said...

Looks cute and comfy!

Anonymous said...

I don't really like over the knee boots...maybe it's cause I'm quiteshort and they make me look like something smaller =P

sugahspank! said...

ouaaaaaaa!!!!! megiaaaaa!!! the bigger the better!!!!

stella said...

great buy! i have a similar pair (below the knee though from a much previous season) and a)are still in good shape although i didn't treat them nicely and b)they were and still are so comfy!
these boots are money well spent

Nathalie said...

oh la la. Great boots. Lucky you- a great find

Foteini said...

Teleies~! Megia!!! I know what u mean, I can never have enough shoes!!!!!!

kot-itsa said...

megeia...8elw k egw!

lopi said...

Congrats, they are amazing! And they sure look comfy and warm... I guess with a sensitive spine, you are allowed splurge on nice shoes, no?
And don't you just love the sales?

isabella said...

i love the suff u do!
amazing blog!

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Comment & follow if u like ;)

Couture said...

Beautiful boots!


Anonymous said...

πολύ μου αρέσει!

La Feem said...

Your boots are looking good.

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