The Bell Earrings

I had many plans for the weekend but unfortunately I stayed home (sigh..) because of a flu. Well, the good news of staying home is that I spent many hours in my workshop designing and creating! The result was a pair of 830 silver earrings with curves that remind me of bells.

The curve was shaped using this tool (one of my favorites)


I couldn't do anything more, though I have a pendant in my mind. I hope I will feel much better tomorrow!

A Package For Me

At last, this morning I received my package from with my new Fly shoes

And since one pair is not enough...

My new shoes from Clarks. Because a working girl needs to feel comfortable at the office (and while waiting in the long queues in the shops)!



And because all the nice things happen on Friday, I was awarded by the dearest blogger Haute World. Thank you so much, you made my day!! Happy weekend everyone!

Voila Mes Creations: a Ring And Bracelets!!

It was a very busy and creative week! After melting the pure silver it was casted in this form.

And the result was this beautiful ring... well as these hammered bracelets...

I am currently working on a pendant and a pair of earrings. I will also post photos of the new designs as soon as they are ready. I wish all a happy new week!!

New Supplies: Pure Silver

Yesterday I went shopping! I didn't buy more clothes or shoes (although I desperately need to!) but more supplies for my workshop.

This is the purest form of silver you can buy, 999.

It's very soft for making jewelry, so it is hardened to 925 or 830 (melted and mixed with copper) and casted into plates of wire.

I can't wait to start a new project. For the moment, I wish you all a happy weekend!

History of a jewel: a sterling silver pendant II

I have already said that I don't like autumn and winter at all. I desperately want my spring and summer back, aghh!!. Well, I know that I cannot do anything about that. Though, I can still design and create things that remind me of my favorite seasons and cheer me up! So, last week I created a pendant inspired by flowers. I used sterling silver 925 and a turquoise cabochon.

I was too lazy to design in by hand, so I used CAD software.


I couldn't decide which cabochon to choose. Red jade, amethyst or turquoise? At the end, I chose turquoise because it's a summer color.

Soldering voila!

Finally, me featuring the pendant.

Now, I am in a better mood! I can wear my pendant knowing that spring is not too far!! Happy week everyone!

I Love Embroidery!

Remember this silk skirt I bought on August? I wore it yesterday for the first time and I feel excited! I love its embroidered patterns very much! I felt really good in this outfit.

I combined it with a white NaraCamicie shirt I bought on summer sales.

Detail of the skirt's pattern.

I didn't want to wear any jewelry with this skirt because it would be too much, I think. But I couldn't resist wearing these handmade (by me) earrings. I used sterling silver 925 and red coral beads. My boyfriend thinks they look rather 'primitive'. What do you think?