The Project: Pearls...Pearls

After my laziness during the weekend I decided to start creating again. I watched many old films these days (East of Eden, Giant, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) and I was in a very 1950s and 1960s mood. So, I was inspired by the most elegant woman of those days, Jackie Kennedy Onassis who loved wearing pearls.

Style icon: Jackie Kennedy Onassis wearing pearls

I chose many freshwater cultured pearls in different colors and made a long, long, necklace that can be worn in many different ways such as this ...

...or this

or even this...

...why not as a bracelet as well!

Because some times, a simple black dress and a few strands of pearls are enough for an elegant outfit!

Weekend: It's Time to Relax

Weekend at last! It was a very tiring and stressful week so today I wanted so much to relax. I did absolutely nothing and I enjoyed it! Last night I went to bed early, I got up early and I spent the whole morning in my balcony reading The Moon Is Down by Steinbeck, my favorite author.

I needed a simple outfit for this relaxing day: jeans, white shirt and a pearl necklace.

Tonight I won't go out. I will watch (again) East of Eden and I will go to bed early.

Style Icon: Marion Cotillard

Marion Cottilard: great actress and great outfits




(photos via

...and the new Lady Dior

Isn't she inspiring?

Meet the Relatives: Dress Code

So, what is the dress code for formal dinners with your boyfriend's family?

Last night I had to attend a formal dinner at my boyfriend's house with all his relatives. Aghh. I hate these occasions. For the whole week I was looking again and again in my closet, trying many outfits. And certainly I could not wear something like these...

...Or even this


I could imagine his aged aunts whispering while drinking herbal tea about my aggressive outfit. At last, I decided to wear this:

Skirt and tee by Esprit, scarf Benetton and handmade (by me) bracelet.

Coming soon: How I made my bracelet step by step! See you soon! Have a stylish weekend!

PS: the dinner was very booooooring.. as expected!

Autumn days in the countryside

As I have said again, I live for a weekend! Especially when I am out of town I feel very relaxed. This weekend I had a wonderful time as I visited my mum's relatives at the country. I stayed in their home built in the traditional way.

I helped them with the household...

...played with animals and birds...

... watched them making their own spirited drinks which was an exciting experience

And all these wearing my new pair of jeans and top from Sarah Lawrence and ballerina shoes.

I can't wait to visit them again!

The Scarlet Letter

Yesterday, I decided after a very long time to wear pants

with this Chinese-style shirt from Mango which I love very much.

My red eye-glasses

And of course, a pair of handmade earrings I made on Saturday. Red coral and 9.25 sterling silver. Simple and elegant! xxxx

New neighbor

A week ago a new neighbor arrived...

.... I immediately I welcomed him with a generous meal!

He is very playful and that's why I am very fond of him!

I love it when new neighbors arrive!