Christmas Presents: Just For Fun Earrings

This post is for the dearest co-blogger Stella who wanted to see jewellery especially designed for Christmas!

Well, these days I have been working very hard and I didn't have enough time for myself (again). But I had to find time to create some jewels for my beloved persons and especially for my cute nieces. I have been playing with beads, cords and ribbons et voila the results:

These are made for the little one

And for my older niece I made this pair:

I hope they will enjoy their handmade just for fun presents! I also hope this weekend to create something new for myself as well!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Christmas preview

 Santa came earlier this year with many delicious presents!

Couldn't wait till Christmas lunch, so..

It was indeed very delicious but now ...I have to spend three days in the swimming pool to burn the calories!!

A Desigual Coat and Earrings with Ribbons

These days it was raining heavily and so, I decided to take my Desigual coat out of the closet. It's the first time I wear it after I bought it last January.  Coats are my new obsession and this one is one of my favorites!

What I like about the Desigual brand is the colorful designs. I feel like this coat gives color to the gloomy winter and at the same time it keeps me warm. What else can I ask for?

I love the patterns and the details.

And the matching earrings: completely different than my previous creations!

These are made with riverstone gemstones, colorful Japanese glass, cord and ribbon. I have used a surgical steel earring hook ideal for people who suffer from allergies (like me).

I wish you all a colorful and happy new week!!!

Jewels inspired by the sea (or by David Attenborough)

The jewels I am presenting you today (a pendant and a pair of earrings) are inspired by the sea. My inspiration maybe stems from the fact that I have been watching for days David Attenborough (The Blue Planet). Omg, I have learnt in one single week everything that I didn't get in Biology classes at school. I was impressed by the shear and wild beauty of the stingray fish.

The pendant...




...and the matching pair of earrings

The gemstone for this project was also originated by the sea. I couldn't choose anything else than sponge.