Flower Earrings

 Do you remember this flower pendant? You can see the creative procedure here.

Today I will show you a pair of earrings in a similar design. Voila:

 I also used sterling silver 925..



I think it's obvious how much I need spring to come at last!!!

Happy new month everyone!

Lapis Lazuli Brooch

First of all I have to thank the dearest co blogger Nina for the Doll Award. You can visit her blog here and see the great shoes she wears. 

And now I will show you the handmade (by me) brooch that completed my outfit in the previous post.


 I have used sterling silver wire.. 

and one of my favorite gemstones, Lapis Lazuli

which I love for its vivid color.

I wish you all a happy new week!

(cardigan Full Circle, asos.com)

DKNY over knee boots

 What is hiding in there?

My new (and the last, I hope) treasure from sales!

I resisted for a long time but finally I said "yes" to the over knees boots.



 I wore them today and I am very pleased: they are extremely comfortable and keep me warm at the same time. I couldn't ask for more. 


 I really don't mind spending money on shoes. Actually, I prefer spending on shoes rather than on clothes. Because I stand on my shoes the whole day. My sensitive spine and my whole body  stands and depends on them. So, I am very happy with my new treasure!


Carnival Parade and Masque Party!

 Participating at the Carnival Parade with my Dance School!

And dressed as a maid at the masque party

where my boy revealed his real intentions!

An unexpected Visitor: a Butterfly



An unexpected visitor at my balcony in the middle of winter.


 Is it a sign that spring is ahead?