Dress up!

Today I needed an elegant and classy outfit for a business meeting. So, I chose to wear a dress from Lanidor which I bought during the summer sales for 50 euro and Mary Jane shoes from Faith. I feel very good in this outfit!

I love Mary Jane shoes!!

History of a sterling silver pendant

Last week I created a sterling silver pendant adorned with a small amethyst bead which I love very much. Today I am presenting you step by step the creative procedure!

First of all, I designed the pendant on a piece of paper:





Now the pieces are ready for soldering


As I first imagined...

And finally ... featuring!

It was a fine day!!!

Silversmith: My Tiny Workshop

My workshop is always a mess! This weekend I finally managed to tidy the chaos and therefore, I can now present you the place where I design and create my jewelry. I am very happy to see it tidy .... till the next project!

Before the weekend... a mess



Hammers and Ring Mandrels

Basic Soldering Tools

Polishing Tools

My favorite Stanley tool

Essential Filing tools

and the basic materiel... Sterling silver

Forming Tools

Measuring Tools

Part of my colorful beading world

My favorite gemstone... Tourmaline nuggets

Cords, Threads and Ribbons

Toronto Film Festival 2009: the outfits

I enjoy looking at celebrities' outfits on the red carpet! It's a great opportunity for inspiration, I think. Although, this time I was not excited with all the dresses.

I liked Paula Patton

and Megan Fox...

...as well as her shoes

But I liked most Patricia Clarkson...

and Jennifer Conelli

I didn't like Kristin Scott Thomas and Julianne Moore

And of course, looking at this outfit and hair, I said no, no, no.

(photos Reuter)