Desigual Skirt

This is my today's outfit..

...Desigual skirt, Mango leather jacket..

...Clarks Mary Janes...

...and Massimo Dutti leather bag

I like very much this Desigual skirt and especially the details and patterns. I bought it last year but for some reason -I don't know why- this is the first time I put it on!

Spring Bouquet Ring

Spring is in the air...

and it's so inspiring!

A new ring made of wire and colorful gemstones...

turquoise, black jade and coral.

Spring is in the air at last!!!

To Clog or Not To Clog?

There is something about clogs this season. Chanel and Louis Vuitton clogs appeared at Paris Fashion Week.  The Olsen twins, Alexa Chung and Vera Wang were spotted in clogs.
So, what do you think? Will the clog be your next shoe? Will you follow this trend?

 (Michael Kors clog, photo:

Definitely clogs are not for me. What about you? To clog or not to clog?

After all these questions, I have to thank the dearest co blogger Irene  for the blog award! Thank you, darling, you made my day!

It's a Woman's world

Thank you very much, Rachel , for the tag!

This is my favorite handbag: a prehistoric Missoni Sport bag and all the stuff I usually carry with me.

Korres hand cream,  Castalia sun cream, Shiseido powder, Clinique lip gloss, Apivita lip balm, Dr. Muller pastilles, my cell phone et bien sur, a usb memory stick.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Japanese Seed Beads Bracelet: Charlotte's Web

The inspiration: 

Yesterday I watched (again) Charlotte's web with my nieces. They adore this film. I really don't remember how many times they have watched it since the film release! Charlotte's cute web was the inspiration for a bracelet I made today.

This time I didn't use sterling silver. I just played with dark colored Japanese seed beads and wire.

It really reminds me of Charlotte's web!

Now I have to make another two bracelets because both of my nieces also want to wear it!!

Fair Trade: People Tree Cardigan

I love receiving packages from the post office! Maybe this is reason I cannot resist the online shopping. 


 This time I shopped with responsibility. 


I chose a handmade People Tree cardigan (Fair Trade) bought from



 And details...

  And now I have to thank the sweet co blogger Charry for the Sunshine Award! I am now passing this award to:

1) Ela  

for their lovely blogs!

Have a wonderful new week everyone!