A Desigual Coat. Again.

  It's official. I am addicted to Desigual coats.

 I just cannot resist.

 Is it my fault?

History of a Pendant: Step by Step

Today I will share with you the procedure of creating a jewel: from silver nuggets to a pendant ready to wear!

Melting pure silver nuggets to a solid silver block:

After passing the solid block from the rolling mill a few times and cutting the rough edges I have produced a silver plate:

Cutting the shape of a flower:

 Adding a soldering silver ball...

and silver wire:

 Soldering procedure:


After polishing the pendant:


And finally, the best part: wearing the pendant and feel happy!!

More and more rings

Winter is at last here. The last couple of days it rains heavily and it's freezing. I spent the whole Saturday at home drinking tea, tidying up my closet (not so easy!) and creating new things. Two new rings:



And part of the procedure: Firing

And another one more abstract and similar to this:


I wish you all a happy new week!!!

Sales ...Sales Vol.2: Shirt Dress

I am in love with my latest buy: a 'strict' black and white shirt dress, an ideal 'uniform' for work.

Sometimes I feel suffocated in work's dress code. But wearing my new dress and my adorable Mary Jane shoes I feel much better!

And I like its embroidery!

925 Sterling Silver Wire Ring

This is my first creation for the new year: a wire ring!


 I used 925 sterling silver wire.


 And then I played with my new ring, my garden's flowers and my Nikon camera!

My boyfriend said that it looks like a wedding ring. Oops!! Did I imply something?!

Sales ... sales!!!

Sales at last!!

My first buys are Anne Klein flats, 50% off their original price. I couldn't resist to buy the same design in two different colors.

One in black color

 and another in brown.


They are very comfortable, so I don't regret it!

First Outfit of 2010

Happy New Year!!!

This is the first outfit of 2010, the first outfit of the new decade.

dress Sarah Lawrence, polo neck Mango, handmade pearl necklace , Missoni bag...

...and another Desigual coat.

It was love at first sight!


 These are some of my sister's specialties cooked for the family dinner:





I wish you all a Happy and Stylish 2010!!!