Flower Pendant

It seems that I do like flowers! After two pendants and a pair of earrings , now another pendant inspired by spring flowers. Enjoy!

While creating, I have taken some pictures to show you a part of the procedure:


...and finally featuring:

Before wishing you all a happy new week I have to thank the dearest co blogger Nells for the blog award! Thank you, darling, you simply made my day!


Coral Earrings

Back to creations again with a new pair of earrings!

 Coral gemstones...

... 925 sterling silver

and the result..


Easter Goodies

I came back from holidays with a suitcase full of pictures, wonderful memories and Easter goodies my grandma had made! We spent a lot of time together these days and I really enjoyed it since I don't see her very often (unfortunately). This is how she made these delicious traditional cakes:


Preparing the oven with firewoods..

Oops! I hope the neighbors didn't mind all this smoke!

After a while..


That was the day's outfit:

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Leaving for Easter Holidays

 Greek Easter is on Sunday and today I am leaving for holidays at the countryside with my family!

I will be somewhere here...
...with these friends

...making these delicious Easter cakes
and with no laptop!

But before leaving I have to thank the dearest co-blogger Carrie for the Sunshine award! Thank you darling, you made my day!!