Still working...

Still working while my friends are somewhere here..sigh..

My outfit makes me at least feel better (I am such a superficial person, I know.)

Blue dress Mango

and a wooden necklace handcrafted (by me) during the weekend.

Malachite pendant

Malachite gemstone in ancient times was believed to ward off disease, lightning and witchcraft. 

Today it is believed to absorb negative energy and to guard against radiation...

 ...and to release old traumas.

Even the World Cup Trophy has a malachite base.

This malachite pendant I was wearing on Friday was made in my workshop two years ago for my mum's name day. I used 925 sterling silver and this marvelous gemstone. I chose malachite because my mum's eyes have its color. Well, my eyes don't but some times I can't resist and I borrow the pendant. 

Thank you, mum, for the inspiration (and for allowing me to wear it)!

Casual Friday

Even on casual Fridays black color on the outfit is still necessary.

I wore a green Springfield tee and beige Anne Kein flats but the skirt should be black (to avoid boss' weird look).

Enjoy your weekend!!

Maxi dress and citrine necklace

This summer I am obsessed with maxi dresses. They are feminine, stylish and comfortable at the same time. 

 This is the dress I wore yesterday. Bought two years ago from a tiny shop in London and still one of my favorites.

Styled with Anne Klein sandals

and a simple handcrafted (by me) necklace with citrine gemstone nuggets.

Earrings for the Summer

Back to creations (at last!) with two pairs of earrings especially designed for the summer nights. 

I have used sterling silver 925 as well as a blue cotton cord and a light purple organza. 

I hope that summer will be as colorful and 'happy' as my new earrings.

Thank you, Crispy!

Απούσα τόσες μέρες από το διαδίκτυο, δεν μπόρεσα να ευχαριστήσω την Crispy για το βραβείο που μου έδωσε! 

Με τη σειρά μου θα το περάσω στη Vipera Lebetina  γιατί παρότι ακόμα έφηβη έχει ένα σπινθηροβόλο πνεύμα που μ' εντυπωσιάζει!


More color, please..!

Summer is here and summer means color.

In home decoration...

in home objects...

and of course, more and more color in outfits!

skirt Warehouse, top Esprit, shoes Ecco